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What's changing--going from ScreenSteps 3 to ScreenSteps 4 [Webinar]

We had a webinar on April 21, 2016. The purpose was to discuss what the current state of the new ScreenSteps will look like (currently in public beta), along with some of the significant changes being made.

Major Changes

Here are some of the major changes you'll see in the new version of ScreenSteps

Desktop Library

The desktop client will no longer have a library view. The library view will now be exclusively in the web app, which you will access in an internet browser (IE, Chrome, and Safari are recommended).

Check in/Check out

Checking in and checking out will no longer be part of the workflow. We are looking at options for notifying an author that an article is currently being edited by another author.

Word Export

Word export will not be an option in ScreenSteps 4.

HTML Export (we will provide JSON API)

HTML Export will no longer be an option (either as files or as code to copy and paste). We are planning on developing a JSON API for getting content out of ScreenSteps. JSON is a more portable format than HTML, especially if you are going to need to import it into another system.


ScreenSteps 4 will not integrate with WordPress,, or Help Scout.

Beta Specific changes

ScreenSteps 4 is still in public beta. While it is fully operational, it is still missing a few features. These features will be added within the next few months.

Missing features coming soon

PDF Export is now available (as of July 21, 2016). 

File attachment is now available (As of August 1, 2016)

New Web Interface

We completely overhauled the web interface. It is much easier to work in, and will be the main spot to manage your manuals, chapters, articles, and more.

Web Admin

Here is a brief overview of the new web admin interface. The web admin area is where you will manage your content, settings, authors, etc.

Web Editor

We have a brand new web editor. If you've tried to use the web editor in the past, this will be a completely new (and way better) experience.

New Desktop

We have a new desktop editor. As mentioned above, the desktop client does not have a library view to manage manuals and chapters. But there is a launch pad--a productivity tool to give you quick access to your articles.


The desktop editor has some great new features (e.g. tables, folding steps), and is much easier to use.

Launch Pad

The desktop client no longer has the library view, but it does have a launch pad so you can quickly access articles that you are (or have been) working on. There is no video of this--just a screenshot of what the launch pad looks like below.


You will not be forced to upgrade to the new version right now. Currently, we do not have a date that you will be required to move from version 3 to version 4. Since version 4 is still in beta, and we do not have an exact definite date for when it will be finalized, we cannot say for certain when you will need to switch.

Should you upgrade right now to the beta?

ScreenSteps is still in beta, so there are a few things you should know before you upgrade from version 3.

How to upgrade to beta

If you are ready, here is how to upgrade to the new beta.

Here are instructions for upgrading:

  1. Check in all of your articles from version 3
    • You can also view all checked out articles in the v3 desktop client and check them in.
  2. Use the new web template
  3. Download the new desktop
  4. Convert articles on the web
    • All you need to do is open an article with the new desktop editor > save & publish to the new beta.

Additional questions

Check out >> this article to view additional questions regarding the new version of ScreenSteps. If you have any questions or comments, send an email to


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