Grouping manuals in a site

This lesson will show you how to group manuals within your site.

Note: This feature is not available if your site is connected to Zendesk or WordPress.

What is a group?

Groups are used to divide manuals into broader categories. In the example below, Customer Support is the group. Separating manuals can make it easier for your end users to navigate through your site.


Add a new group

Click on the dropdown next to Site Contents

Select "New Group"


Andrew Nilsen

Can we create similar dividers within a manual to help better organize chapters?

Greg DeVore

@Andrew - There isn't any way to create dividers inside of a chapter.

Matthew Stephens

Is there a way to have two groups side by side. Say a list of top articles on the left and new articles on the right?

Greg DeVore

@Matthew - Groups are only for grouping manuals. You can't group collections of articles.

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