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Prerequisites to using ScreenSteps

Before you can use ScreenSteps, verify that you've done the following things:

Signed up for a ScreenSteps account (free 14-day trial)

ScreenSteps comes with a free 14-day trial. You can sign up for a trial account here >> sign up for a free trial of ScreenSteps

Downloaded the desktop client

ScreenSteps is a cloud application. It also includes a desktop client for authoring content. You can (and should) download the desktop client--you will be using it later on >> Download the desktop client.

Looked at the Admin portal

You can access the Admin portal by typing [your account name] into the address bar of your internet browser, and logging into your account.

Go to Your Account and Click Admin

Select Your Site

View Your Knowledge Base (From the Backend)

Save the URL as a bookmark so you can easily get there when you need to create documentation.


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