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Evaluating ScreenSteps--Create 3 Manuals

Begin by creating 3 manuals. You'll use them a little later on as you customize and organize your knowledge base.

To start off, you will create two additional Manuals so that you have 3 total manuals (one manual has already been created for you--so all you need to do is rename it).

Create Two New Manuals

Create a new manual by clicking:

  1. Site Contents (dropdown arrow)
  2. New Manual

Name one manual Admin and the other manual End Users (you will be asked to name the manuals when you first create them).

Rename the Example Manual

For example purposes, we are going to assume that you would like to organize your knowledge base by grouping your documentation based on Role. You can rename the manual whatever you'd like--in the example, it will be renamed "Developers."

Click on the dropdown arrow > Edit

Rename manual > click Update

Publish The Other Two Manuals

Publish the Unpublished manuals so that they appear to end users.


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