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Evaluating ScreenSteps--Customize Your Knowledge Base

Now that you have three manuals in your knowledge base, follow the steps below to make some basic customizations. 

Preview Your Knowledge Base

You can check out what your knowledge base looks like when your customers view it online. Right now it is pretty bland, but you are going to change that.

What your knowledge base looks like

Your knowledge base will look similar to the screenshot below. Right now, it doesn't look like much--but you can modify it by following the instructions below.

Notice the web address of the knowledge base. This is the URL you will send to your customers when you want them to visit your knowledge base. Note: You can change this URL to be something like Instructions on how to do that are below.

Modify the look

You can make basic customizations to your knowledge base in the Site Template.

Click on Site Template on the left-hand side.

Explore the various modifications you can make to your knowledge base. Not all of the modifications are included in the instructions below--just the basics. You can always preview any changes you make before you publish them.

After each change, make sure to click Preview Changes at the top to see the changes in the preview screen.

Modify the Colors

Continue to scroll down the left-hand side of the screen to see all of the options.

Modify manual icons

  1. Make sure Group Layout says Large icons
  2. Select the icon you want to show up as your manual

Modify the Sidebar

Make sure to click Publish Changes when you are done making modifications.

Modify the URL

Change the URL so that "" is not visible.

Create a CNAME DNS

Ask your website administrator to create a CNAME DNS. This will be done with the service you use to host your marketing website domain. For example, if you are using Hover to manage your domain name, you would create a new CNAME DNS.

In the example below, readers will go to The target host will be your screensteps account:

Example of creating a CNAME DNS in Hover

Add Host Mapping to your ScreenSteps account

After you create the CNAME DNS, go to Settings in your ScreenSteps account.

Add the URL that your readers will navigate to. In the example below, readers will go to

Notice that help was used as the hostname when setting up the CNAME DNS.

For more details on making changes to your knowledge base's appearance, check out this webinar recording >> Customizing Your ScreenSteps Knowledge Base


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