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Creating a Prototype Knowledge Base

Creating a knowledge base can feel like a lot of work (because it is!). But during your trial of ScreenSteps, you don't have to create a complete knowledge base to evaluate its functionality. 

Check out the video below to see how you can evaluate ScreenSteps without spending months building out a complete knowledge base.

Answer Questions


You can answer questions in 4 simple steps...

Create Manuals

Click the dropdown next to Site Contents > New Manual

Rename your existing manuals

Create articles

Click the + icon

Hover your mouse below the chapter title. You will see a + icon appear. Click on the + icon to add a new article.

Add a title > Create article

The easiest way to write an article is to answer a specific question.

Don't write a title like, "Timesheets" because it's impossible to get started. Write "How do I review my timesheet?" or "How do I create a new timesheet?" Or "How do I modify my timesheet?"

The title should answer a question users are asking.

Add content to your articles

The fastest way to add content to your articles is to grab screenshots of the steps. So click Edit on Desktop so you can use the screen capture hotkey.

Demonstration of using the desktop editor to grab screenshots


After you build out some examples, you're ready to share your knowledge base with your team.

Get the URL so your team can view your knowledge base

Once you're done answering questions, send your team to your ScreenSteps knowledge base. You can grab the URL of your knowledge base by following the instructions below:

You may also want to make your knowledge base public so that your users can easily view your example content without having to worry about signing in to view the knowledge base.

Make your knowledge base public (just so your team can easily view it)

Click on Settings

Uncheck "Private" and click "Update"


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