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How to copy a chapter to another manual

You cannot copy a chapter to another manual in version 4. If you want to duplicate content from a chapter into another manual, you can follow these steps.

1. Create a new chapter

1.1. Include a Title > Save Chapter

2. Click the dropdown arrow

3. Select Add article

4. Check off the articles

You can add as many articles as you want. Simply check them off, and then select Reference, Duplicate, or Move.

Publishing the articles in the chapter

After you add the articles, they will not be published. If you want to publish them all at once, simply click the dropdown and select Publish.

Publish all articles



Can you reference a particular header within an article without hyperlinking to the anchor name?

Trevor DeVore

@Billie - If you want to link to a particular header then you have to use the anchor name. That is the only way to link to a specific area on an HTML page.

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