ScreenStepsManaging Content Working with ArticlesHow can I send a user to a specific spot in my article?

How can I send a user to a specific spot in my article?

You can send users to a specific spot in your article by using an anchor name. You can manually add an anchor name to any heading in ScreenSteps, or you can use the shortcut below to quickly get an anchor name while browsing your knowledge base.

View article in knowledge base

View the article in the knowledge base that your end-users can see (not the browser app).

When you hover your mouse next to a heading, a link icon will appear.

This also works for foldable sections.

When you click on the link icon, your URL address will automatically add a "#" symbol along with the heading text. This is the anchor name.

Copy and paste the URL with the anchor name

Send a user the full URL and she will be sent directly to that heading.

If you are sending a user to a foldable section, the foldable section will automatically open up.


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