Transfer Your PDF Templates to the Browser App

This article will explain how to transfer your ScreenSteps PDF templates from the ScreenSteps 3 desktop application to the browser app.

The process

Above is a short video overview of the 5 steps you will take to go through the process. Below are the 5 steps  in case you don't want to keep pausing and playing the video.

1. Open up PDF Templates in ScreenSteps Desktop version 3

1.1. Open up Preferences

On a Mac computer, click on ScreenSteps > Preferences

On a Windows computer, click on Edit > Preferences

You will use these settings as a reference when setting up templates in the ScreenSteps browser application.

2. Copy PDF Template Settings from ScreenSteps Desktop to the Browser App

2.1. Click on Web Admin

PDF templates will now be managed in the browser app.

2.2. Click on Account Settings

2.3. Click on PDF Templates

2.4. Create a Template

2.5. Modify Your Template

  1. Click on your template
  2. Update settings so that they match what you had in ScreenSteps Desktop version 3
  3. Click Update

Unfortunately, there is no "Easy Button" for this. You will have to manually redo your PDF templates in the ScreenSteps browser application. The good news is that once it's done, you will never have to check outdated PDFs again.

3. Assign your template to a site
  1. Select the site to which you want to apply your PDF template
  2. Select Settings

Select the PDF Tempalte > click Update

4. Enable PDF Generation

Now that you have set up your PDF templates and assigned the templates to your site, it's time to enable PDF generation.

4.1. Click on Account settings

4.2. Click on Account settings

4.3. Enable PDF Generation

5. Add to sidebar content

Click on Site Template

Select options for sidebar content

Publish changes

If you have any trouble generating PDFs from the end-user view of the knowledge base, let us know by emailing