ScreenStepsSalesforce and ScreenSteps OverviewHow ScreenSteps helps you get more out of Salesforce

How ScreenSteps helps you get more out of Salesforce

Your goals with ScreenSteps and Salesforce

ScreenSteps can help you accomplish these goals:

  • Increase adoption of Salesforce
  • Decrease mistakes made by employees using Salesforce
  • Decrease Salesforce related support requests from employees

You can accomplish these goals because ScreenSteps helps you:

  • Create better documentation for your Salesforce users
  • Deliver context sensitive help inside of Salesforce
  • Keep your documentation up to date

The following videos give you a brief introduction to how ScreenSteps works with Salesforce.

Create better documentation in less time

Deliver context sensitive documentation in Salesforce

Keep your Salesforce documentation up to date