ScreenStepsPublishing Manuals to Zendesk FAQsCan ScreenSteps publish articles in multiple languages to Zendesk?

Can ScreenSteps publish articles in multiple languages to Zendesk?

ScreenSteps can author articles in just about any language you like. But ScreenSteps does not currently support multiple translations for a single article. This means that you can not have a single artilce with multiple translations. The only way to create mulitple translations would be to duplicate the article.

Zendesk supports multiple translations or localizations for an article. But since ScreenSteps only support one localization per article, ScreenSteps can only push to one localization in Zendesk. You can choose whichever localization you would like, but ScreenSteps will always push to that localization.

If you are going to use ScreenSteps with a Zendesk account that needs to deliver documentation in multiple languages then you would be able to create the content for one localization in ScreenSteps. You would then need to do the translation for all other localizations in Zendesk.


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