Authoring permissions

Updated May 05, 2020

User Types

In ScreenSteps there are admins and editor users. Admins have access to everything. Editors still need to be assigned to a site. But you can now control what they can do inside of that site.

Editor Permissions

Editor's are assigned permissions when they are added as Authors to a site. The following table describes each permission.

Permission Description
Full access Allows author to create/edit/delete/publish articles.
Uncategorized only Author can only add and update uncategorized articles.
Publish Can create/edit/publish an article. Cannot delete articles or moderate comments.
Delete  Can create/edit/delete an article. Cannot publish.
Moderate comments Can moderate comments made by end-users
Nothing checked off Can create/edit an article. Cannot publish or delete an article.

To learn how to add an editor as an author in a site refer the following article: How do I edit a user's authoring permissions?



Is there any way to restrict editing to only the articles/manuals/chapters owned by that Editor?

Trevor DeVore

@Aaron - no there is not.

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