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Updated Dec 05, 2018

User Types

In ScreenSteps there are admins and editor users.


Admins still have access to everything. Editors still need to be assigned to a site. But you can now control what they can do inside of that site:

  • Full access - They can perform any actions in a site, exactly like editors can now. This is the default setting when you add an editor to a site.

If you don't really want to worry about permissions then just leave things at full access and your editor will be able to do everything they need to do. But here are ways you can limit their permissions:

  • Can delete content (yes/no): If this is unchecked (no) then the editor will not be able to delete articles or manuals from your account. They can delete content from an article if they have permission to edit it, but they can not delete the article itself.
  • Can publish content (yes/no): If this is unchecked (no) then the editor cannot make content live on your site. Read below for how permissions work if this option is unchecked.
    • Creating articles and manuals: They can create articles and manuals but any articles or manuals they create are marked as "hidden" and must be made "visible" by someone with the publishing permission set to "yes."
    • Checking in article edits: If an article is marked as "hidden" they can check in whatever edits they want. If an article is marked as draft then they can only check in draft versions.
  • Can moderate comments (yes/no): This simply controls whether or not they can moderate comments that are submitted.
  • Uncategorized only: If this setting is checked on then all other rights are removed. The editor will only be given permission to create and update uncategorized articles. Every editor on your account can always create uncategorized articles. This setting is simply an easy way to prevent them from doing anything else.

How do I edit a user's authoring permissions?



Is there any way to restrict editing to only the articles/manuals/chapters owned by that Editor?

Trevor DeVore

@Aaron - no there is not.

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