Create your first ScreenSteps knowledge base

Updated Jun 18, 2019

In this article, you will learn how to build the basic structure of your ScreenSteps knowledge base.

Create a new manual

  1. Click the chevron to the right of Manuals.
  2. Click New Manual

Name your manual

Your manual's title should be broad. For example, you could name it Account Settings, Integrations, or Administering Your Account.

Edit the existing chapter

  1. Click the chevron next to the chapter title (in this case, "Default Chapter")
  2. Click Edit.

You can also create new chapters by clicking the New + button next to Chapters.

Your chapter will belong to whichever manual is selected at the time of creation.

Rename the chapter

The chapter is a subsection of the manual. It should be related to the manual's title, but a more specific area of the general topic that the manual covers.

Create a new article

Articles will contain your actual content.

When you create a new article, it will be organized within the chapter that you create it in.

Name your article

The article title can be broad like, "Billing Overview" or it can be specific like, "How to set up your billing."

Add more articles

You can add more articles by clicking New + or by hovering your mouse under the article and clicking the + icon.

Fill up your chapter with as many articles as you can think of. If you get stuck (i.e. writer's block), just create articles and title them with a variation of a question that you are frequently asked.

Some examples of article titles include:

  • How to set up your billing
  • How to update your credit card
  • How to request time off for a vacation
  • How to request time off for illness

Each of those would make great articles because they answer specific questions that customers and/or employees need answers for.

Publish your knowledge base

You can continue creating as many articles, chapters, and manuals as you'd like. Then, when you're ready, Publish your manual.

Publish your chapters

The default chapter is already published. But if you create additional chapters, you will need to publish them as well.

You can always go in and unpublish your entire manual, individual chapters, or specific articles.

Publish your articles

Even though your articles don't have any content in them (unless of course you went ahead and edited them), go ahead and publish them.

Select Articles > Change properties

  1. Check the boxes next to the articles you want to publish (or check the box at the top to select all articles)
  2. Click Change properties

Click Change Published State

Click Publish > Apply Changes

View published knowledge base

Click the Go to Site icon next to Manuals to view your knowledge base.

This is the URL that you would share with your team or with your customers. If your site is public, then anybody can view this knowlege base using that URL. If your site is private, then you will need to either set up Single Sign-on or create user accounts for those you want to view your site.

Congratulations, you are done!

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