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Updated Sep 15, 2020

In  ScreenSteps, you can manage viewing permissions at the site level or at the individual article level.

Restrict viewing permissions at the site level

Click Settings

Check Private > Update

When your site is marked as Private, your users must authenticate to view content. You can either create Reader or Learner accounts for them (Admins and Editors already have viewing permissions) or you can use Single Sign-on.

Create Viewer Groups

Before you can restrict viewing permissions at the article level, you must first create Viewer Groups.

Click + Create Viewer Group

Click the group name

You can add users to your groups one-by-one or you can upload a CSV file to do it in bulk.

Click Add user

You will be able to select your users from a list.

Restrict viewing permissions at the article level

Now that you have viewing groups established, you can lock down your articles so that only certain users can view them.

Click the padlock next to an article's title

Click Manager permissions

Select the groups you want to be able to view the article

Once you save your selections, only those users who are part of that group will be able to view the article. You can select as many groups as you'd like.

Set permissions in bulk

Click Bulk Edit

Select the articles you want to modify > click Change properties

Select Edit Permission

Select Restricted access

Select the group you want to view the content > Apply Changes

Congratulations, you are done!


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