How to create a category

Updated Aug 05, 2019

This article will show you how to organize manuals in categories within your site. When you add a category, any manuals under the category will appear within the category.

Note: This feature is not available if your site is connected to Zendesk or WordPress [deprecated].

What is a category?

Categories are used to divide manuals into broader groups. In the example below, Customer Support is the category. Separating manuals can make it easier for your end users to navigate through your site.


Add a new category

Click on the Manuals action menu and select New Category

Name the Category and select a heading style

The heading style affects the icons that appear next to manual titles in that group. Unstyled has no icons, Small has small icons, and Large has large icons.

Click Save Category to create the new category.

Heading style examples

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