Bulk edit article viewing permissions

Updated Jul 09, 2020

If you would like to manage viewing permissions for an entire chapter (e.g. make a chapter's content not visible to certain users), you can change the permissions in bulk.

Navigate to the chapter

Navigate to the chapter for which you want to restrict viewing permissions.

  1. Click the manual title
  2. Click the chapter title

Open the Bulk Edit interface

If you are not familiar with how to use the Bulk Edit interface refer to the following article: Bulk edit article properties

Select articles


Modify the viewer group property

After selecting the articles you want to modify, click on the Change Properties button and click the Add Viewer Group property.

Add a viewer group

Click the + button next to the viewer group you would like to assign to the articles.

The viewer group will appear in the list of properties that will be modified. Click Apply to make the change.

End result

Each article will have a locked padlock next to the title along with the number of groups who are assigned to be bale to view the articles.

If a user group is not assigned to all articles within a chapter, then the entire chapter will not appear to those users. And if a user group is not assigned to see all articles in a manual, then the entire manual will not appear to those users.

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