Download and use the beta Workflow article editor

Updated Sep 18, 2019

Thanks for trying out the beta desktop editor for Workflows! Before you can use the workflow article type, a ScreenSteps team member must turn workflows on for your account.

Has Workflows been activated on your account?

If you're not sure whether Workflows has been turned on for your account, you may contact ScreenSteps support ( and ask our team whether you have workflows turned on.

Are you publishing to a ScreenSteps site?

As of September 9, 2019, the workflow article only publishes to a ScreenSteps site. If you publish to another service (e.g. Zendesk), then you will follow another procedure.

Are you publishing to Zendesk?

Add ScreenSteps Javascript and CSS to your Zendesk site

Important: The method for inserting ScreenSteps Javascript and CSS has changed. You will now reference the ScreenSteps CSS and Javascript from the <head> section of your Zendesk template.

Insert the following code into the document_head.hbs section of your Zendesk template.

<link href="//" rel="stylesheet">
<link href="//" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="//"></script>
Here's what it looks like

Allow unsafe HTML in Zendesk

The ScreenSteps workflow articles make use of data attributes which are not allowed by default in Zendesk articles. You need to select Display Unsafe Content in your Zendesk Guide settings. See here for instructions from Zendesk:

Create a sandbox site

Since you are publishing to a different service,  workflow articles may not work in that 3rd party service. So, we recommend that you create a sandbox site in ScreenSteps.

All that really means is that you will create a new site in ScreenSteps and use it as a sandbox environment to create workflow articles and test them out.

If you would like workflows to function in your other service, contact the ScreenSteps team and ask what must be included so that your content can function in the 3rd party service.

Download the desktop editor


To download the desktop editor for Windows << Click this link >>


To download the desktop editor for macOS << Click this link >>



You can replace your existing desktop version of ScreenSteps with this beta version. If you ever want to stop using the beta desktop editor, you can simply re-download the production version.

Create a workflow article

While the Workflow article type is in beta, you will need to manually change an article to a Workflow article type using the article inspector.

Create an article in the Admin area
Select Workflow
Open the article in the desktop

Add Content

Click the content palette
Drag elements to the article

Watch the web class

Workflow Web Class

On September 6, 2019 the ScreenSteps team ran a web class on using the workflow article. You can view a recording below to get an idea of how the workflow article works.

We highly recommend that you watch the web class before creating workflow articles. You can jump right to the parts that you are most interested in:

  • How to conceptualize writing a workflow article begins at 18:33.
  • A demo of using the editor begins at 32:50
  • Formatting content so readers aren't confused: 57:15

Enjoy using the workflow article!

You can now begin using the workflow article editor!

If you have any questions or requests related to the beta editor, do not hesitate to ask support via

Contact ScreenSteps support

Email or use the chat in the Admin area to ask the ScreenSteps team to turn Workflows on for your account.

Congratulations, you are done!

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