The @tofc file

Updated Jun 05, 2013

The @tofc template file is processed by PHP and will generate the content for the table of contents file that points to the article files.

An example

Here is the @tofc.html for the Neutral template that ships with ScreenSteps. As you can see, it is a mixture of HTML and PHP (the PHP code is highlighted).

  • PHP is used to print the manual title.
  • The manual title is added to the document. This is the title the user sees on the browser page.
  • The table of contents is printed out using a function from helpers.php.

Which PHP objects are available to the @tofc file?

The $manual object is available to the @tofc file. Note that the articles array contains an array of $article objects as defined here. This means that you could create one monolithic file that contains an entire manual.

stdClass Object
    [chapters] => Array
            [0] => stdClass Object
                    [id] => An integer.
                    [title] => The chapter title.
                    [draft] => 1 or 0.
                    [articles] => Array
                            [0] = stdClass Object
                                    An article object

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