How do I edit a user's authoring permissions?

Updated Jul 05, 2018

Admins can edit any article on an account. They do not need to be added to sites.

Permission for editors are controlled at the site level. An editor can have different permissions on different sites.

Follow the instructions below to change the site authoring permissions for an editor.

In the ScreenSteps browser app:

  1. Navigate to the site you want to modify
  2. Click on Authors
ScreenSteps Live:

Select the appropriate permissions

You can read more about the authoring permission settings here.

Explanation of Permissions

Permission Description
Full access Allows author to create/edit/delete/publish articles.
Uncategorized only Author can only add and update uncategorized articles.
Publish Can create/edit/publish an article. Cannot delete articles or moderate comments.
Delete  Can create/edit/delete an article. Cannot publish.
Moderate comments Can moderate comments made by end-users
Nothing checked off Can create/edit an article. Cannot publish or delete an article.

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