ScreenSteps Desktop Version 4.4.3

Updated on

Released 8-13-2021


  • Ordered lists are now supported when pasting content copied from Microsoft Word or a web page.
  • The article outline now shows the H level that a heading will have in the HTML when viewing the article in a published KB. Level one headings will have an H2 tag, level two headings an H3 tag, level three headings an H4 tag, and level four or higher headings an H5 tag.


  • The “Headings” link option is now disabled when authoring a Course or a Workflow article. Linking to other headings is not supported in these article types.
  • Display a human friendly error message if the spelling library cannot be loaded on Windows.
  • Added additional troubleshooting information to the error message that is displayed if an error occurs while uploading an image or a file attachment.

Bug Fixes

  • [Windows] ScreenSteps would quit when selecting the File > Refresh Article from Server menu option and a single article editor window was open and the Launch Pad window was closed.
  • [macOS Big Sur] Fixed a memory leak that would cause images to appear black after a certain number of images had been loaded.
  • When pasting content copied from Microsoft Word or a web page, headings are now properly nested in all cases.
  • Fixed some issues with search in the KB link dialog.
  • The dialog which displays messages to the user will now display multi-line titles properly.
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