ScreenSteps Web Week 35 2021 Release

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Released between 8-29-2021 and 9-4-2021

Bug Fixes

  • Deactivated users no longer included in Notification audits.
  • Fixed "0 Comment" string in published knowledge base (now "0 Comments").
  • Fixed break in course reordering after user views course and then clicks back button.
  • Removed ability to reorder courses in course search results.
  • Text now wraps to next line in notification bulleted lists instead of getting cut off.
  • Removed option to link to a heading within a workflow article given that link type isn't supported.
  • Fixed SAML error when user tries logging into root space domain when space has custom domain.
  • Fixed issue that occurs when a user initially created via invitation accesses through SSO.
  • Revisions notes creation field now clears after submission.
  • Removed blank option for site language.
  • Disabled checkbox to deactivate account owner in settings given this isn't possible.
  • Fixed issue where changing permissions via the bulk article editor did not work.
  • When opening multiple inline links, users now start at the top of each upon loading, regardless of whether they scrolled down in a previous link.
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