ScreenSteps Desktop Version 4.4.4

Updated on

Released 10-8-2021


  • Articles can now be embedded into a course. When an article is embedded the content of the article appears within the course as if the content were part of the course.
  • The Knowledge Base link dialog will now show all results when searching. Articles that cannot be linked to are marked as such and include a tooltip tell you why (e.g. the target article does not belong to all of the sites that the source article does).


  • Changed the "Check for updates when you open ScreenSteps" label in Preferences to "Automatically check for updates". ScreenSteps does not check each time you open the application.

Bug Fixes

  • The “Change Type” menu for a course no longer has the option to switch to a Step.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when shifting an element in the article tree to the left when hosting is turned on.
  • Fixed the "View in browser app" button that appears after saving a course.
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