ScreenSteps Web Week 46 Release

Updated Nov 24, 2021

Released between 11-14-2021 and 11-20-2021


  • A new account setting has been added which allows you to turn on/off (default is on) the ability to add unsafe HTML to site templates. When turned off, JavaScript and other tags such as <style> are not permitted. Use if your organization wants to ensure that people editing your site templates do not introduce a Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attack.


  • Deleting sites with a large set of search history data is now much faster.


  • When adding an embedded article to a course the list of articles in the selected chapter did not include articles that were aliases.
  • A bug made it impossible to remove a group from a user in the Account Settings > User > Groups view.
  • When duplicating a checklist or workflow article, the new article is now the correct article type.
  • Users who have logged into the ScreenSteps desktop application will no longer be prompted to download and install it in the Admin area.
  • Alias articles now show comments when viewing an article in the admin area.
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