ScreenSteps Web Week 50 Release


Released between 12-12-2021 and 12-18-2021


  • The permissions and edit icons no longer overlap in the article preview screen in the admin area.
  • The shortcut key to jump to a manual or chapter in the admin area now shows the proper key combination on Linux.
  • Submitting an empty comment from the article preview screen in the admin area no longer generates an error in the console.
  • After editing a category's description in the Site Template editor the values now display in the preview.
  • "Action" icons no longer disappear for the content block contextual menu in the web article editor outline.
  • Filtering the article list by article title in the Reports area will no longer trigger an error in certain circumstances.
  • List of Featured Content items do not disappear from view when a new feature is added or an existing one is edited.
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