ScreenSteps Web Week 51 2021 Release

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Released between 12-19-2021 and 12-25-2021


  • Notifications can now be sent to individual users as well as to entire groups.
  • Notifications can now also be sent to recipients via email.


  • You can now assign a Group or Contributor with “Limited Access” to “All Content” the permission to send and manage notifications.


  • Fixed a bug that excluded notifications sent two days ago from appearing in the "Previous" category.
  • The list of notifications that still need to be acknowledged was not updating in the Notifications Drawer after acknowledging a notification.
  • Notification message formatting is now displayed properly in all cases.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Contributors with limited access to all content from selecting a manual when duplicating an article.
  • If an error occurs when saving a 2015 site template it will now be displayed in the UI.
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