ScreenSteps Web Week 4 2022 Release

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Released between 1-23-2022 and 1-29-2022


  • A duplicate email is no longer sent the first time a user likes/dislikes an article.
  • When a user clicks on article links in Content Certification emails, the All Articles filters are now set to articles the user is assigned to and which need certification.
  • Fixed a bug that would keep large search report CSV files from being generated.
  • In the web article editor the "Add Subheading" menu option is now enabled for headings > level 4.
  • The heading icon for levels > 4 is now displayed correctly (previously it was a folder icon).
  • Loading errors are now reported properly in the courses section of a site.
  • Some issues in the accuracy of course reports have been fixed.
  • The inline code button in the web article editor now works properly.
  • Auto-scrolling has been improved in Workflow articles.
  • The first name and last name of the billing contact can now be updated correctly.
  • The user progress tooltip is now accurate for both Courses and Course Collections.
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