ScreenSteps Web Week 6 2022 Release

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Released between 2-6-2022 and 2-12-2022


  • Improved the error reporting messages in the admin area.
  • Searches from the search bar will now return more meaningful results and will query the server less often while you are typing.
  • Searching for phrases in ScreenSteps will now return more relevant results.
  • The "Assigned to" and "Process Owner" article search filters now include "Not Assigned" as an option.


  • Redirects that redirect a manual to another URL work again.
  • Accounts that use capital letters in the account domain name will no longer cause issues when connecting the desktop software to your account.
  • Courses with an embedded article that is not associated with a site can now be edited in the article editors.
  • Improved performance when processing a Site copy request.
  • Fixed a display bug in the Site menu icon in the admin area.
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