How to change the viewing permissions for a section in Zendesk

Updated Oct 04, 2018

We are aware that Zendesk has changed their method for managing viewing permissions. The current system that ScreenSteps uses for updating permissions will continue to work until January 7th. We are still assessing the best way to approach this change but will have a solution before the end of the year.

Permissions for viewing content in Zendesk are managed within Zendesk itself. This article will show you how to locate a section in Zendesk through the ScreenSteps admin interface.

Select Published URLs from the chapter action menu

View in Knowledge Base

Click on the View in Knowledge Base button to open the article in Zendesk.

Select Edit Section

Click on Edit Section to use the Zendesk tools to change permissions.

You must be logged in as an admin in Zendesk.


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