How to Export a CSV of your site article titles, status and owners

Updated Jul 05, 2019

The exported CSV file will have the following information for each article:

  • ID
  • Title
  • Status
  • Owner
  • Created at
  • Posted at
  • Published?
  • Chapter Title
  • Chapter is Published?
  • Manual Title
  • Manual is Published?
  • Source Article ID (This is for referenced articles that show up multiple times in a site).
  • Published URL
  • Restricted (TRUE/FALSE)
  • Viewing Groups
  • Tags

If the Chapter and Manual information is blank then the article is an Uncategorized article (not part of a chapter). 

Open Site Settings

For instructions, please refer to the article How do I edit a site?

Select Export CSV

Clicking on Export CSV will download a CSV file of all site articles.

Select Export CSV

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