Inserting a ScreenSteps iframe into a web page

Updated Aug 13, 2019

This lesson will show you how to insert a ScreenSteps iframe into a webpage. With this iframe you can allow your users to search your ScreenSteps account from anywhere.

Example Code

<iframe src ="" width="100%" height="300" style="border:none;"> 
<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p> 

Above is some example code. You should replace with the url to your ScreenSteps site.

You can set your own custom height and width settings.

Notice that the url has an "iframe" extension on it. This will tell ScreenSteps to format the content for the iframe. If you don't include this extension then the search box won't look correct in your web page.



This is an example of what the iframe might look like.

And here are some search results.

Now you can just add this iframe to any page where you would like your users to be able to search your ScreenSteps content.


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