How can I log a user into ScreenSteps using PHP and ScreenSteps Remote Authentication?

Updated Jun 06, 2019

The ScreenSteps Remote Authentication feature allows you to log users into ScreenSteps using a 3rd party system. Here is some example PHP code which takes the 'timestamp' and 'return_to_url' GET parameters, combines them with user information and redirects back to the ScreenSteps server.

We have also developed a remote login plugin for WordPress. You can find that here.

Remember to replace {{ScreenSteps Remote Authentication Token}} and {{ScreenSteps Remote Consumer URL}} with the correct values for your ScreenSteps SSO setup.

$sToken = '{{ScreenSteps Remote Authentication Token}}';
$sRemoteAuthenticationURL = '{{ScreenSteps Remote Consumer URL}}';
$sFirstName= 'John';
$sLastName= 'Doe';
$sEmail = '';
$sExternalID = ""; 
$sOrganization = ""; 
$sReturnToURL = urlencode($_GET['return_to_url']);
$sTimestamp = $_GET['timestamp'];

/* Build the message */
$sMessage = $sFirstName.$sLastName.$sEmail.$sExternalID.$sOrganization.$sToken.$sTimestamp; 
$sHash = MD5($sMessage);
$sso_url = $sRemoteAuthenticationURL .'?'.
header("Location: ".$sso_url);
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