Create a Shortcut to the ScreenSteps Browser App

Updated Nov 15, 2016

If you have been using ScreenSteps 3, you are used to clicking on a desktop icon to launch ScreenSteps and begin working. In ScreenSteps 4, you no longer manage content in the desktop application--instead, you manage content in the web browser app.

This tip is to help you transition from launching ScreenSteps 3 to launching ScreenSteps 4, by setting up a shortcut icon on your desktop that takes you right to the ScreenSteps web browser app.

Video demonstration

The video explains how to create the shortcut on a Mac, and the experience is very similar on a PC. The instructions are similar on Windows, but there will be a few differences. View the instructions below for more details.

Set up a shortcut on your Mac

1. Create the shortcut

1.1. Click and hold your mouse on the padlock

1.2. Drag your mouse on to your desktop

2. Rename the shortcut

  1. Right-click on the icon
  2. Click on Get Info

2.1. Change the name

This is optional--but it will help you differentiate between the ScreenSteps desktop editor if you name this shortcut something like ScreenSteps Web.

3. Change the icon for the shortcut

3.1. Click on the image

3.2. Copy the ScreenSteps icon from this article

3.3. Paste icon on to shortcut

Make sure the icon is selected (you'll notice a blue border is around the icon in the image below--that indicates it is selected).

3.4. Shortcut is updated

3.5. Double click the icon to go right to your web app

Icon you can use to update your shortcut image

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