What is ScreenSteps Version 4 Like?

Updated Apr 11, 2017

On April 11, 2017 all ScreenSteps accounts will be upgraded from version 3 to ScreenSteps version 4. This series of videos explains the main differences between version 3 and version 4.

These videos are not meant to be a comprehensive dive into all of the version 4 features. Rather, they are meant to explain, at a high level, what version 4 looks like, some of the new features, and how to navigate around the application.

For instructions on downloading and installing ScreenSteps 4 refer to this article.

Overview of what's changing

Version 4 completely overhauled the browser application (aka Web Admin), the desktop client, the web editor, and the desktop editor. Watch the video below to see an overview of the changes.

Browser App (aka Web Admin) Changes

In this video, we walk through the version 4 browser app interface.

Desktop Client Changes

In this video we discuss the version 4 desktop client, which will be called the launch pad. This is a big change from version 3.

In version 3, you could manage manuals, chapters, articles, and PDF templates in the desktop client. In version 4, however, you will manage manuals, chapters, article location, and PDF templates in the browser app. The version 4 desktop client only shows articles.

Web Editor Changes

The version 4 web editor had some major improvements, and now closely matches the desktop editor.

Desktop Editor Changes

The version 4 desktop editor is much more flexible for arranging content. You can also add tables, attach files, create foldable sections, and style your text blocks.

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