Does ScreenSteps export to Microsoft Word or HTML?

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ScreenSteps 3 is the last version of the ScreenSteps desktop client that exports Microsoft Word and HTML. Starting with ScreenSteps 4 those export formats were removed.  

PDF export is still available but is now done through web browser interface rather than in the desktop application.

If you need to export content from your ScreenSteps account for your own personal backup or for use in other systems you can use the ScreenSteps API.


Brad Edgerly

Export to Word is a compelling feature. Are there any workarounds other than API?

Trevor DeVore

@Brad - not with our system. I believe Acrobat DC has a feature that converts to Word. I'm not sure how well it works but that might be an option using a PDF exported from ScreenSteps.


Exporting to word would be a killer feature, I often need to collaborate with other team members that don't have screensteps access. Is this coming back at all?

Trevor DeVore

Hi @Darren - we do not currently have plans to provide DOCX export.

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