Configuring SAML with Azure Active Directory

Updated Apr 08, 2019

Please refer to our article on finding the Entity ID for an SSO endpoint before configuring Azure. You will enter the Entity ID when configuring Azure and it can differ for each SSO endpoint in your ScreenSteps account.


Instructions for integrating ScreenSteps with Azure Active Directory can be found at the following url:

Attribute mappings

The following attribute mappings will be used when provisioning users from an Azure SAML response:

Azure attribute ScreenSteps user attribute
emailAddress email

Setting the Reply URL

While the Microsoft instructions don't mention this, some of our customers need to manually configure the Reply URL url in order to get SSO working with Azure. This can be done by checking the Show advanced URL settings checkbox while configuring Azure as shown below. For the Reply URL you will enter the SAML Consumer URL which is available in your ScreenSteps Single Sign-on configuration.

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