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Updated Jun 10, 2013

View your assignments

Go to the Assignments tab on the left to see all of the articles that have been assigned to you in the current space. You can also filter this list to see articles assigned to other authors.

Click on the owner name or status to open up the dialog box where for editing the assignment.

Update Owner/Status

You can get to the box below by clicking on the owner or status in the list (shown above) or by checking in an article. Here you can change the owner or status of the article. What we usually do is this:

  • If the article is approved we set the status to Approved and the owner to Nobody.
  • If the article needs an update we set the status to Need Update and assign it to the person who needs to update it.
Update Owner/Status

Rejoice because your queue just got smaller

As soon as you change the owner of an article it will disappear from your assignments. This way you can easily keep track of what work you have left to do.

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