Why would you use contextual help?


When you look around your office, you probably see work stations that have reminders––sticky notes, handwritten notes, printed out work instructions. This is how employees remind themselves how to do their jobs.

If employees can't quickly find an answer, they tend to call you, email you, open a chat window with you, or knock on your door asking for you to show them what to do.

While a ScreenSteps knowledge base can help, employees can still find the process of going to the knowledge base tedious (even though it's not). So, we developed a Chrome extension that pushes your ScreenSteps articles to the websites and web applications (like CRMs and ERPs) your employees use.

It's got the same feel as putting sticky notes on your coworker's screens, without having to actually write out a thousand reminders by hand.

Now your employees will be able to view your content in one click. And because it's easier to find the help they need, employees will start looking at your docs instead of bothering you.


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