ScreenStepsDOCX (Word) Templates IntroductionWhere do I put custom DOCX templates?

Where do I put custom DOCX templates?

The Help menu

From the help menu select Reveal Custom Template Folder. This will show the folder where custom templates go.

The Help menu

By default the Templates folder will have three folders: DOCX, HTML and PDF. You will put custom DOCX templates that you create in the DOCX folder.



Is there a way built into ScreenSteps 3 to automatically sync the templates from one computer to the other?

Blue Mango

No, there is not. For now you have to manually install the templates on each computer.


I saved my template as a DocX file in the correct folder and it is still not appearing when I try and export it. How do I sync the template to ScreenSteps so that I am able to use the custom template for export?

Trevor DeVore

@Tim Have you restarted ScreenSteps? If ScreenSteps is running when you add the template then ScreenSteps needs to be restarted in order to display the new list of templates.


I have restarted it multiple times.

I have saved one version as a .doc and another as XML. One has a place holder and another doesn't.

I'm not sure what is going on.

Trevor DeVore

@Tim - Can you email and send a screenshot of the DOCX folder contents? Perhaps the folder structure isn't correct.

Bridget Foster

I am using version 4 and am unable to follow these steps to find the custom template folder.

Trevor DeVore

@Bridge Sorry for the confusion. Word export is no longer supported in ScreenSteps. Please see this article:

We will be removing the Word specific help articles in the near future.

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