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Article aliases migration [June 28, 2016]

We have been working on a new feature called article aliasing with a private beta group of customers for several weeks. This feature allows multiple articles to share the same content. It makes it possible to have the same article show up twice in the same manual, chapter or site. 

Prior to this you have always been able to have an article show up in multiple manuals. As part of a migration we will be performing on the July 5th, 2016 this will no longer be possible. Each article can only exist in one manual. But article aliases can share content so the same content can show up in multiple manuals and chapters.

This probably sounds a bit confusing so here are some answers to questions you might have.

Am I losing the ability to share an article between manuals?


But instead of having the same article with the same id be in two manuals you will have two different articles, with different ids, that share the same content. 

You will actually be gaining the ability to add an article to the same manual twice or to publish multiple copies of an article to external services such as Zendesk.

Will my existing URLs break?

No. In cases where an article exists in two manuals, an alias will be inserted into one of the manuals automatically. We have setup automatic redirects so that your existing URLs will still work. 

Can I share just parts of an article between two articles instead of the entire article?

No. This feature is just for sharing the complete contents of the article as well as the title and tags.

Do I need to do anything?

No. This will be done automatically for you and you shouldn't notice any change in how your ScreenSteps site is functioning beyond the ability to add an aliased article to the same manual.