Browser App Upgrade

On October 11, 2016, the Legacy Browser App will be automatically replaced with a new version of the Browser App. The Legacy Browser App will still be available until November 15, 2016. After November 15, 2016, the Legacy Browser App will no longer be available (i.e. it will be retired).

How will the update affect you?

The update will simply replace the Legacy Browser App with the latest version of the Browser App. The ScreenSteps 3 Desktop Client will still work as usual and the site your end-users view will remain the same.

You will still be able to use the Legacy Browser App until November 15, 2016. After that date, the Legacy Browser App will be retired forever.

What does the new browser app look like?

The new browser app not only looks better, it performs better than the Legacy Browser App as well. You'll notice several improvements, such as:

PDF Generation
Outdated PDFs are a thing of the past. Whenever you update an article, the new browser app will automatically update PDFs for you so that when your end-users download a PDF manual or article, they will instantly receive the latest version.

Also, PDF templates will be available to everybody on your team, and you can download PDFs from the Admin area.

The layout of manuals > chapters > articles is much easier to navigate around. You can see all of your content, and quickly select manuals and chapters that you want to focus on, without losing a sense of where you are within your site.

It's also much easier to navigate between sites, and move/share content between manuals and sites.

The new browser app was completely rebuilt to be MUCH faster. If you have a lot of articles, chapters, and manuals, you will notice a big improvement. Not only will content load faster, but you will notice it is much easier to share and move content around your site.

Important! If you continue using the ScreenSteps 3 desktop client, you will not be able to take advantage of the new browser app's article editor. The web editor is compatible with ScreenSteps version 4 desktop client, which you can download here.

If you are not sure whether you should upgrade to the version 4 desktop client, please look at this article for a look at the differences between version 3 and version 4  >> What's the difference between version 3 and version 4?