ScreenSteps Roadmap

Current Goals

We are currently working on features that will allow our customers to make significant improvements to how they train, educate and support their employees or customers.

As we continue to interview our customers, and discover other problems we feel we can address better than others, we will develop more features that help end-users perform their jobs better.

Below are some features that we have developed, or plan to develop down the road.


Courses for External Customers

Courses are now available for training employees. We are working on making courses available to train external customers.

In Public Beta

Uncategorized Articles

This feature is available. Users can create articles that are not part of any manual, which means viewers cannot browse around and find the article; however, viewers can find the article via search.

Authors can also choose to hide the article from search.

In Private Beta

Search Analytics

View reports on:

  • What terms people search for
  • How many results were produced
  • What result the user clicked on

These reports will help you know what content is missing from your knowledge base or what content needs additional search terms.



Courses are now available on starting with the Small Business plan. You can:

  • Create courses for employees
  • Assign employees to courses
  • Send invites
  • View reports on course completion/progress

ScreenSteps Browser Extension

The goal of IT documentation is to help users answer their own questions. And while having a searchable knowledge base definitely helps, the fact remains that users may not want to leave the app they are working in to go search a knowledge base.

If a user is working in Salesforce, she may not want to leave the form she is working on to find a quick reference guide. So she will either message her co-worker, "Hey! Where are the credit check forms again?" or she will just guess.

To reduce the friction of finding an answer, the ScreenSteps team built a Chrome browser extension.

The browser extension feeds articles from your ScreenSteps knowledge base to the web applications that your employees use in the workplace.

If employees aren't sure how to perform a task in the web app, can't remember what to say when a customer objects, or isn't sure how to resolve a customer support question, your employees can click on the browser extension. In the extension, they can search your knowledge base or they can choose from a selection of articles that you have suggested (depending on the web page the employee is on).

Contextual help

The browser extension can be customized based on the webpage a user is on. If you are using Salesforce, Netsuite, Dynamics...whatever, you can customize what shows up in the extension based on where your users are in the app.

Users can also use the search feature to search your entire knowledge base from the extension.

This is currently available starting with the Small Business plan.

Viewing Permissions

This feature is available. Managers can control who can see specific articles in the knowledge base. Managers can establish groups, and assign readers to specific groups.


This feature is available starting with the Small Business plan. Authors can create checklist articles (e.g. SOPs) where each checklist item is a foldable section.

Create article from ScreenSteps Browser Extension

This feature is available starting with the Small Business plan. If you are on a web page that needs an article, you can create a new article from the extension.


This feature is available starting on the Small Business plan. Managers can view analytics to see which articles are being viewed the most, and which users are viewing those articles. The feature is still being updated to provide a manager with a clear vision of what is helping employees and what isn't.