Setting a custom domain name for a site (host mapping)

This article will show you how to add a custom domain name to your site. What does this mean? If you have a domain and a site on ScreenSteps at you could point to your ScreenSteps site.

Can I setup ScreenSteps as a subdirectory on my domain?

Some customers ask if ScreenSteps can be set up as a subdirectory on their site, for example This isn't possible. You will have to use a subdomain such as if you want to use a custom domain with ScreenSteps.

If you are requiring users to login to your site to view content and are using SSL then you won't be able to use host mapping unless we host an SSL certificate for your domain. Using host mapping with SSL support is only available on the Growing Business plan or higher (see plans).

If you would like us to host an SSL certificate for you then please refer to our article on setting up SSL with a custom domain.

Set up your CNAME record

Before you can add a host mapping record, you must create a CNAME DNS record that points your fully qualified domain name to (replace "myaccount" with your account name). Your system administrator should be able to help you with this.

Example of creating a CNAME DNS in Hover

Ask your website administrator to create a CNAME DNS. This will be done with the service you use to host your marketing website domain. For example, if you are using Hover to manage your domain name, you would create a new CNAME DNS.

In the example below, readers will go to The target host will be your screensteps account:

Create Hostname, Record Type, Target Host > Save

Add Host Mapping to your ScreenSteps account

Click on Settings for a site

After you create the CNAME DNS, go to Settings for a site in your ScreenSteps account.

Add the URL that your readers will navigate to. In the example below, readers will go to

Notice that help was used as the hostname when setting up the CNAME DNS.

IMPORTANT: Do not include "http://" in the host mapping name.

Save Changes

After you save your settings, you can go to the host mapping you entered and you should see your ScreenSteps site.


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