Create Your First Article

If you are brand new to ScreenSteps, start here to create your first article (and then share it).

Step 1: Create a new article

Enter a title > Create article

Make the title something simple, such as "How to View Billing Information."

What if I can't see the option to add an image?

If you cannot see the option to add an article, it might be because you do not have a manual, yet. ScreenSteps organizes your knowledge base in a certain way (to make browsing easier), which you can learn more about here. But for now, just know that you need to first create a manual. Once you create a manual, you will be able to add an article.

Step 2: Edit your article on the web

Click on the links directly below to see how to add an introductory paragraph and a heading.

Add an introductory paragraph

The introduction does not have to be lengthy--just summarize what you will be explaining.

Add a heading

Click the + icon to add a Heading

Make the heading say something like "Click on Account Management"

Add an image

After you add an image field, you will drag and drop an image from your desktop onto the web editor.

Step 3: Save & Publish your article

When you create your first article, it's best to keep it short and simple. After you click Save & Publish, You can continue to add headings, paragraph text, tables, or images to build out your article more

View your article (and share the link)

Click on the document icon to view the published link.


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