Onboard Checklist

Welcome to ScreenSteps! 

This checklist will help you get started

Click dropdown

Click New Manual

Give it a name > Save Manual

Select Manual > click New +

ScreenSteps organizes content as manuals > chapters > articles. When you click a manual title, you can see all of the content in that manual. Create a new chapter in the manual.

Give it a name > Save Chapter

Click New + (next to Articles)

Create a new article (it will be organized in the selected chapter and manual).

Give it a title > click Create Article

Title the article something like, "How to add Admins to your account" and click

Click the chevron

Select Edit on Web

Add content blocks

Click here to learn more about adding content to your ScreenSteps article.

Save & publish

From the Admin area, you can see what your knowledge base looks like to your end users:

  1. Select the site (i.e. knowledge base)
  2. Click the "Go To Site" icon

You are done. Great job!


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