Add Content to Your Checklist

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Add a Checklist content block

A checklist item is meant to be a high-level task related to the procedure.

Using checklist items in a procedure

For example, when running payroll, the procedure consists of several tasks, such as:

  • Collecting all timesheets
  • Confirming accuracy
  • Uploading times to system
  • Submitting for processing

Each one of those would be a separate checklist item

Add a Heading content block (like this)

To add a heading, select the Heading block type.

Using headings in a procedure

In this example, the heading describes the steps one would take to perform a task. But you could also create headings that are not sub-steps to the checklist item.

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  1. You can add an image saved to your computer, or
  2. you can grab new screenshots using the desktop editor.

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