Configure SAML Settings in ScreenSteps for Salesforce

1. Create Single Sign-on Endpoint

  1. Click Account
  2. Click on Single Sign-on
  3. Click Create Single Sign-on Endpoint
Choose your site and create the connection
  1. Make sure you have set your mode to SAML.
  2. Leave the Remote Login URL and Log out URL fields blank.
  3. Create the Endpoint

2. Upload the Salesforce Metadata file

Click on the Upload new Salesforce Configuration file button and select the metadata file you downloaded previously. This file will populate the SAML certificate and the remote login url.

3. Add to Site

Click the Add to Site button to associate this SAML endpoint with a particular ScreenSteps site. You can also click the Make default for account button if you would like to use this Endpoint to control all access to your ScreenSteps content.


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