Test: logging into ScreenSteps with Salesforce credentials

Now that you have configured ScreenSteps and created the necessary controller and page in Salesforce.com you are ready to log into your ScreenSteps account using your Salesforce.com credentials.

Let's go through a simple test to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Get your remote authentication test URL from ScreenSteps

Go to Account Settings > Single Sign-on and then select your remote endpoint.

Copy the Remote Test URL. This will be unique to your account.

Log out of ScreenSteps or open a different browser

You need to make sure you test this when you are not logged into ScreenSteps. Either log out of ScreenSteps or test in a different browser that isn't logged into ScreenSteps.

Paste URL Test URL into your browser and hit return

The Salesforce.com login screen will appear rather than the standard ScreenSteps login screen. Enter your Salesforce.com user credentials.

Paste URL Test URL into your browser and hit return

The Login Page

The Login Page

After successfully logging in to Salesforce.com you will see the page you created earlier for a brief moment. It will say "Redirecting to ScreenSteps Live...".


You should now be logged into ScreenSteps.


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