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This article contains information on the V1 XML API which has been deprecated. For docs on the V2 JSON API please see here:


ScreenSteps Live uses a REST API to make it very easy to get access to all of the manuals and lessons you have placed in spaces. It is important to understand that the API does not give you access to the admin area of your ScreenSteps Live account, only to the spaces you publish.

Example use cases

Some examples of how you might use the API are:

  • Display your ScreenSteps articles (lessons) on your own website
  • Display your ScreenSteps articles behind a login on your own website
  • Provide contextual help inside of your web application
  • Integrate your ScreenSteps articles into a 3rd party application such as a help desk or knowledge base
  • Display your ScreenSteps articles inside of your desktop application


Before you can access any of your articles you will need to put them into a manual in a site. After that you simply request the url for the asset you are looking for. The base url for all of your requests will be your account url at ScreenSteps, e.g. http://account.screenstepslive.com. Here are some examples:

URL Result
/s Lists all sites on your account
/s/:site_id_or_permalink List the manuals in a site.
/s/:site_id_or_permalink/m/:manual_id_or_permalink List the table of contents for a manual.
/s/:site_id_or_permalink/m/:manual_id_or_permalink/l/:article_id View a article in a manual.
/s/:site_id_or_permalink/tags?tag=:tag_name View articles with a specific tag in a site.
/s/:site_id_or_permalink/m/:manual_id_or_permalink/tags?tag=:tag_name View articles with a specific tag in a manual.
/s/:site_id_or_permalink/searches?text=:search_string Search articles in a site.
/s/:site_id_or_permalink/m/:manual_id_or_permalink/searches?text=:search_string Search articles in a manual.

When searching sites and manuals you can also optionally pass in a tag parameter in the query string to restrict the search to a specific tag.

All of these requests will return an XML representation of the data you are requesting.


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