Configuring the Zendesk Integration

Publishing to an external service requires the use of one site on your account. If you need additional sites on your account you can contact support to purchase additional sites.

1. Go to Account > Integrations

2. Click on Zendesk Help Center

Go to Account Management > Integrations

3. Configure your connection

Configure your connection
  1. Your Zendesk account name is the name at the front of your Zendesk URL. For example, if your help desk is at then the account name would be 'mycompany'.
    Important: If you are using a custom domain name on your Zendesk account then you will need to enter the full domain name with protocol. For example:
  2. Your Zendesk host name is an optional parameter. This should be the host name where your customers come to view your Zendesk site.
  3. The email should be the email address you use to login to Zendesk
  4. You can retrieve your Zendesk API Token by following these instructions.
  5. The Locale setting defaults to US English. If you would like to push to a different language in your Zendesk account then you should set the locale here. Note that ScreenSteps can only push content to a single locale.
  6. Select Create.

You will be taken to your newly created ScreenSteps site that is connected to Zendesk.

4. Import structure

4.1. Select Import structure from Zendesk

From the Manuals menu, select Import structure from Zendesk HC

Select Import structure from Zendesk

4.2. Select Import

Confirm that you want to import your structure from Zendesk.

Select Import

5. View imported manual

Select the manual title for one of the manuals that were imported from Zendesk.

Open imported manual

6. Create or import articles

You should now see all of the Zendesk sections for the current manual in ScreenSteps.

You can now create new articles in ScreenSteps and have them published to Zendesk or import existing Zendesk articles to edit them in ScreenSteps.

Create or import articles


Aaron Cho

How do I update the Zendesk API Token in SSL? It seems I can't without first removing the Zendesk integration (getting the error "site has already been taken"). Please advise.


How do I delete a ZenDesk integration? We set it up and were going to import existing ZD content. But now we want to start fresh and create all new content to then push out to ZD.

Trevor DeVore

@Dov - email and we will help you with that.

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