How to import multiple articles from Zendesk

It is important to understand what importing an article from Zendesk will do and what it won't.

Importing an article from Zendesk will connect the ScreenSteps article to the Zendesk article so that when you publish updates from ScreenSteps, the updates will go to the correct page in Zendesk.

If you further edit the article in Zendesk later on the changes will not be imported back into ScreenSteps. You should make all edits in ScreenSteps going forward.

Go to Imports and Select the Manual and Chapter you want to import from

Click on Import

Once the article is imported you will see the text "Connected". Clicking on the text will take you to the article in ScreenSteps.

This is what you will see after you click Connected.

The article will show as "Unpublished" in ScreenSteps. That does not mean that it is not published in Zendesk. It simply means that any updates you make in ScreenSteps will not be published until you "Save & Publish". The reason for this is to allow you to cleanup the article in ScreenSteps before you publish changes to Zendesk.


Larry Deckel

The main reason we would want to import past zendesk posts into screensteps, is to be able to control the order that articles appear in help center. However, when I import the articles into screensteps, the order doesn't reflect the order that is currently in help center. The 'published' articles appear on top - and the unpublished (imported) articles appear on the bottom. Can I still control the order articles appear via screensteps (even though they are a combination of published and unpublished articles?) Or should I just manage the order of articles directly in help center?

Greg DeVore

@Larry - No, ScreenSteps will only push changes for published articles. So if you are going to have a mixture of ScreenSteps and Zendesk articles (which I don't advise) then you would want to manage order in Zendesk.

The problem is that if you push changes for the manual in ScreenSteps it will mess up your order in Zendesk since ScreenSteps doesn't know about those other articles.

The best practice is to manage all articles for a section/chapter in either Zendesk or ScreenSteps, but not both. Trying to author/manage articles for the same section/chapter in both places will most likely cause problems for you.

Larry Deckel

That's a good practice moving forward — but there's the problem of so many older, existing articles that originated in zendesk. We'd like to not lose all those posts in zendesk — but don't necessarily want to republish them via screensteps (especially if there were attachments or images in them - as we would have to import tham all, and then would need to be reedited one by one in screensteps before we could 'publish' them through screensteps. (We've got 6 years worth of forum posts we'd have to go through one by one to brings things completely in synch).

That said — is it possible to just post new articles from screensteps, and not push changes to the entire manual? (Otherwise we'll be constantly mucking about with the order of things :-(
Seems like "Push changes to Zendesk" is a fairly blunt tool that affects the entire manual.

Greg DeVore

@Larry - You can push changes to Zendesk for individual articles. Just don't push changes for the chapter or manual.

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